Hola Mexico Distribution busca llevar algunas de las películas de mayor calidad de México y de América Latina al público de todo Estados Unidos, y fue establecida como la rama de distribución del Hola Mexico Film Festival después del exitoso lanzamiento de la película “East Side Sushi” en el 2015. Hola Mexico Distribution también distribuyó el Hola Mexico Tour en el 2016, un festival de cine itinerante que proyectó, en diferentes ciudades de Estados Unidos, 10 de las mejores películas mexicanas del Hola Mexico Film Festival 2016 en Los Ángeles. Hola Mexico Distribution lanzó en febrero del 2017 la cinta “You’re Killing me Susana”, protagonizada por Gael García Bernal, seguida en agosto del mismo año por “La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal” dirigida por Manolo Caro. Para obtener más información, visita: http://holamexicoff.com/distribution/


Lucio and Martina had a passionate romance during their youth at a strict Catholic high school. 25 years later, they unexpectedly run into each other in the city of San Miguel de Allende. Their immediate reaction is to each pretend to be married happily––even if it’s all lies. As they try to maintain their false images in a comedy of errors, we find out just what happened between the young couple so long ago.

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You’re Killing Me Susana follows a man on a quest to reclaim the woman he loves. Eligio (Gael Garcia Bernal), a fun-loving, charismatic actor wakes up one morning to realize that his wife Susana (Veronica Echegui) has left him without a word or warning. He soon discovers she’s relocated to Iowa, Eligio sells off his car and gets on a plane from his native Mexico City to go after her. From the moment he gets off the plane in the Midwest university town Eligio is like a fish out of water. Things only get worse when the short, dark and loquacious Eligio discovers Susana has started a relationship with huge, mysterious and pasty white poet Slawomir (Hlynur Harraldson).

The Hola Mexico Film Festival distributed its first film in 2015. The film East Side Sushi was distributed in 40+ cinemas across the United States and received great audience response. We’re now looking for additional films to distribute in 2017 and bring more Mexican / Latino inspired films near you.

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The Hola Mexico Tour 2016 is a traveling film festival screening 10 of the best Mexican films that appeared during the 2016 Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles. The films are in Spanish with English Subtitles