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Lucio and Martina had a passionate romance during their youth at a strict Catholic high school. 25 years later, they unexpectedly run into each other in the city of San Miguel de Allende. Their immediate reaction is to each pretend to be married happily––even if it’s all lies. As they try to maintain their false images in a comedy of errors, we find out just what happened between the young couple so long ago.// CLICK TO LEARN MORE


Trying to reach a cultured, educated Hispanic audience? Hola Mexico Film Festival reaches millions of people across the USA and Mexico trough its marketing campaign, media coverage and festival attendees. Contact us now to see how the Hola Mexico Film Festival can develop a tailored sponsorship opportunity to satisfy your marketing goals. // CLICK TO LEARN MORE 

Hola Mexico is the best opportunity to screen your film in Los Angeles in front of a mixed audience of avid fans of Mexican cinema and industry people. The festival takes place in Downtown LA which gives the opportunity for people from all over Los Angeles to attend the screenings and parties. // CLICK TO LEARN MORE

An intensive, fully funded, professional program for emerging Latino filmmakers living in the Los Angeles area. The program is created in collaboration with Hola Mexico Film Festival, the largest festival of Mexican cinema outside Mexico, and UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico, the largest and oldest academic institution in Latin America. // CLICK TO LEARN MORE


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La Vida Inmoral de la Pareja Ideal

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Hola Mexico Distribution Announces the U.S. Theatrical Release of Manolo Caro’s TALES OF AN IMMORAL COUPLE

    The Deft and Delightful Screwball Comedy from Mexico Tells the Story of  Two Young Sweethearts Who Accidentally Meet Again Years Later and Pretend to Be Happily Married to Hide Their Undiminished Love for Each Other   The Film Opens Friday, August 25 Stateside, Including New York City and Los Angeles   Hola Mexico