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Where Is The Mexican Audience?

Where is the Mexican audience? I just attended the Arthouse Convergence, the most important gathering for Arthouse Cinema owners in the USA. Foreign and independent film and film festival programmers were also in attendance. One of the questions I heard the most was: How can I reach the Mexican... continue reading »

Why the Golden Globe was the best thing to happen to Gael Garcia Bernal

The Golden Globes are the first major award ceremony of the year. And as if 2015 was not good enough for Mexican nationals, 2016 is starting with a bang! But let us concentrate on something that may not get the press that it deserves, which we want to make... continue reading »

Hola Mexico to distribute first film ever

For those of you who didn’t know, the Hola Mexico Film Festival is distributing the film East Side Sushi across California September 18th, and depending on the success of the release, we may reach other cinemas across USA in the weeks that follow. As a festival, we’ve often get... continue reading »

East Side Sushi wins Audience Award presented by DishLATINO and Cinelatino

‘East Side Sushi’ Wins the ‘DishLATINO and Cinelatino Audience Choice Award’ at the 2015 HOLA MEXICO Film Festival  LOS ANGELES, CA—May 20, 2015—DishLATINO and Cinelatino proudly announce the winner of the “DishLATINO and Cinelatino Audience Choice Award” of the 2015 Hola Mexico Film Festival, the premiere Mexican film festival in... continue reading »

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